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More events for singles in Vancouver

Personal Development workshops, seminars and classes

VSSEAC is exploratory in the club's event scheduling by providing some new age activities to interested individuals.

Personal development activities can be as broad as meditation, yoga or pilates, or simply good fun such as psychic tarot card readings! Aerobics, African drum playing and all kinds of rhumba classes have been in our scheduling
repertoire too.

The club also schedules seminars and workshops on interesting topics. Some of these can be 'self-help' workshops or classes presented by specialists in the genre.

Our own 'Adventures Of The Mind' series of socials combine interesting exchanges of views on various topics that members bring to the event.

Members suggestions are always welcomed. Some of the club's members are in careers that are interesting or educational for the rest of us and we invite members to put together classes or presentations that the club's members can choose to participate in.

The club also provides a variety of membership services and a varied calendar of social, cultural and sports monthly activities.

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